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Magic Moments – The Golden Girls

This is my grandma, Marguerite (Madge for short). She is 92 this year and the eldest of five daughters.


Unfortunately one of the daughters, Doris, died before I was born and I never got to meet her.

Her other sisters are Teresa, Irene and Frances. Teresa lives in Canada, Irene lives in America, my grandma and Frances live in the UK.

I call them The Golden Girls. I’ve always thought they were really glamorous. Not your stereotypical “grandma” type. They always dress smart and carry themselves well. They remind me of old movie stars – your Katharine Hepburns and Lauren Bacalls.


I don’t remember the last time the four of them were together, which is sad. Age and distance are not a good combination, my grandma is too old to go to the States or Canada now. She hasn’t been over there for a very long time.

Irene did come over here though, and is still here, last week and on Sunday we all went out for dinner and three of the sisters got together – maybe for the last time.


I find it happy and sad to see them together. The change in them over the years is noticeable but they’ll always be the Golden Girls to me.