A little bit of an intro….

Barge on canalWe live in a seaside resort. It’s not as exciting and romantic as it sounds. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived here my whole life, or maybe it’s to do with the chavs and distinct lack of anything interesting to do/see. There’s plenty of stuff to do within driving distance, I’ll show you as my blog progresses.

We like to spend as much time as we can at my parents’ Welsh getaway. We love it there. Fresh air, hills, lots of greenery, homemade pub food and just all round general loveliness.

There’s three of us – me, my partner and my four year old daughter. We have one on the way too. A boy. He’s not very well at the moment, but hopefully he’ll get better.

This blog is because I see nice things and I want to share them. Everyone should have nice things in their life. Not just material things.


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