Books wrapped in brown paper and string

ImageI grabbed ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’ to read at the weekend. I think I may be one of the last people to read it. I saw it at my parents’ place and stole it from their bookshelf. I love getting engrossed in a book. I barely have the time for it anymore though. We always seem to be so busy.

The last book I stayed up all night to read was when I was at uni and I started reading ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne du Maurier (again, I was late reading that). I stayed up until 4am because I couldn’t put it down – good job I had no lessons the next day.

Not enough people read in my opinion. I’m surprised by how many people I know who don’t like reading, or don’t like reading fiction at least. There are too many good books out there for people to not find at least one they enjoy. My daughter loves reading. We read together every night at bedtime, I really enjoy buying books for her too. When our baby comes along, I’m looking forward to when he’s a bit older and us all snuggling into my daughter’s bed at night and reading together. I read to my daughter from when she was born. Every night when I put her in her cot, I would read to her – even if it was just a little picture type book with one word per page.

I have a tradition of reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Clement C Moore every Christmas eve. It is the version that is illustrated by Arthur Rackham. I can’t bring myself to read another version of it. My friend’s mum bought it for me in the 80’s, and I’ve read it every Christmas since then. When my daughter came along, I started reading it to her too every year. I hope she continues the tradition with her children when she is older. It’s such a beautiful book.

There is a bookshop that I love called Broadhurst’s. It’s like an old house that’s been converted into a shop. They sell antique books and new books. When I step foot in the place I feel a mixture of excitement, calm and warm – if that makes sense. The children’s room is magical. It has a fire, comfy chairs and some absolutely beautiful books. It is like stepping back in time or going to the bookshop in You’ve Got Mail. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful – they even wrap your books in brown paper and string. Everyone, at some point, should visit Broadhurst’s and buy a book that gets wrapped in brown paper and string – it’s romantic, magical and like something out of a movie.

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