Date night


Yay, date night coming up soon. I got a text from my yummy other half before to say he was taking me on a romantic date night. I love date night. I like getting ready to go out with him. I don’t really go out very often, I’m a bit of a hermit and prefer being with my family. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing my friends, but I’m more of a “comfortable clothes and chilling out in the evening” kind of a girl. I think getting up for work so early and being preggers makes me a bit too tired for late nights. I’m so old!!

I really like Volare in Southport. It is run by Onofrio Maimone and Cinzia Lopalco – Onofrio is from Sicily and Cinzia is from Puglia. The food is very good value and absolutely delicious. It’s proper, hearty Italian food – not chain restaurant Italian food. I love it. My mouth is watering from thinking about it. It’s the kind of food that gets eaten when I picture in my head sitting outside a Tuscan villa with your family – a big farmhouse table that’s been weathered from all previous family dinners, flowers on the table and then all this delicious food down the middle that everyone tucks into and helps themselves to. You sit there in the sunshine and have a leisurely three hour dinner, drinking wine, eating good food and just having fun. That’s what I think of when I eat the food at Volare.

So future hubby, if you’re reading this, that’s where I want to go for our date night – my pretend Tuscan villa.

(picture taken from: – which, by the way, looks totally amazing)


2 thoughts on “Date night

  1. Sounds great! I hope you have a great time,do you do date night on a regular basis? We haven’t had a night on our own for ages.Do you live in Southport? My parents live in Birkdale.

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