Easter, lakes, halls and food

ImageSo our Easter weekend is over and tomorrow it’s back to the weekly mundane routine of work etc.

We spent the weekend in Snowdonia, our escape place, which was great. Only thing missing though was my daughter. She is at her dad’s for the first week of the Easter holidays, so I was sad about missing out on being the Easter bunny this year. Luckily the distractions of Snowdonia took my mind off things a bit.

On the Friday we did a bit of driving around through Capel Curig and on the road towards Beddgelert to take photos. I’m new to this photography business, so my photos aren’t particularly brilliant but I enjoyed doing it and hopefully I’ll get better the more I practice. I have put some on the ‘Photos‘ page of my blog if anyone wants to have a look. I wanted a camera because I’m quite sentimental – I want to capture all the moments of my child (soon to be children) growing up and the things we do as a family. I love the stories that photos tell and I love looking at other people’s pictures.

After our little photography trip we went to watch Wigan v Saints at the pub – I’ll gloss over that though. There’s some “disagreement” in mine and the boy’s relationship as to what classes as proper rugby, and league, in my opinion, does not!! Who thought tackling 5 times, having a kick and then passing to the other side was a good idea really?! They’re no Sebastien Chabal!!!

We rounded off our day with a trip to The Old Ship in Trefriw, which has the most delicious pub food. The kind of food that my sister would urge you, even when completely full, to “power through and finish it” or “eat until you hate yourself”. My sister and I get a little too excited about food. I think, subconsciously, we have to be within a certain radius of eating establishments or we panic.

Saturday was a trip to Lake Crafnant to take some more photos and to eat cake at the cafe. Lake Crafnant is beautiful and if you’re ever in the area I urge you to go there. You can walk around the whole lake and it really is lovely. The cafe has some yummy homemade cakes – I had pecan and ginger. Delicious. I can sit there and just stare out to the lake for ages. Even when there are a few people around it still seems so peaceful and tranquil.

Then yesterday we went for a drive and walk in search of the derelict Grade 1 listed Hall I had read about in the Huffington Post. We found the place, unfortunately though you can’t get to it. After it was partly destroyed in an arson attack, it was sold to an individual who has vowed to restore it to its original condition and use it as his personal residence. It is therefore cordoned off a) I assume for safety reasons and b) because I doubt he wants people having a nose around his house (which is what I’d have done should the opportunity have presented itself). I had to get a glimpse through the trees and get as best a picture as I could (I’m not a weird stalker – I don’t roam around with a camera and night vision goggles).

I find Halls like that fascinating and eerie. I love the history of them, reading about who designed them and lived there. I think it is a despicable thing to try and destroy them. Someone has spent so much time designing, building and making that into a complete work of art and they do not deserve the disrespect of having their work destroyed in such a mindless act of vandalism. That work deserves to be lived in by people who care about the building and love everything about it. When I win the lottery, I’m going to buy one.

And that was pretty much our weekend. Sad to be back, but glad it’s nearer to seeing my beautiful girl again.


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