Not a massive being pregnant fan

I have a quite highly irrational state of mind during this pregnancy. Not all of it unjustified though I don’t think. We are having some complications along the way, which are making me more emotional than I probably would normally be. That, combined with being ridiculously tired, looking like an overturned turtle and not being able to see my feet, is just making me want to permanently cry.

My other half is being really good but I hate men sometimes, they literally get away with everything. He tries to convince me that he knows what pain and discomfort is because he’s stepped on a plug. When he relays this story to me though it just makes me want to shove the plug where the sun don’t shine (therefore proving my point on the irrational state of mind). I still love him though and his biceps are MASSIVE. (He’ll read this. He keeps harping on about the biceps and flexing them in front of me. He joined a gym and now thinks he’s ripped).

I’m not one of those people that loves being pregnant. This makes me feel guilty sometimes as I feel like I should be enjoying it, especially when other people say how much they love it and start going on about a “pregnancy glow”. I don’t get a glow. If anything, I get bad hair, bad skin, a massive a*se and waddle like a duck. That, to me, does not constitute a healthy pregnancy glow. I just look like I have a 9 month hangover and need a hip replacement. It’s not helped by the fact that my daughter thinks I look hysterical when I get in the shower. Surely a 4 year old shouldn’t laugh at her mum getting showered?!

I also hate the maternity clothes in the shops around us. I’m pregnant!! I’ve not lost all concept of style (well, I hope I haven’t). I haven’t hit pregnancy and therefore have to dress solely in dark plain tops or, if I want to go totally wild, floral. I already feel like I look like a bag lady, having to wear terrible clothes really does not help.

In conclusion, is it wrong to dislike being pregnant? Does it make you vain if you do dislike it because of how it makes you feel/look? Don’t get me wrong, I love the outcome of the pregnancy. I absolutely worship my daughter and am very excited to see my son, but can’t they have just been delivered/be delivered by a stork like Dumbo is?!


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