Little Miss Food Avoider

My daughter has a funny attitude when it comes to food. She used to try things, but then discovered the words “I don’t like it” and decided she didn’t like anything that basically wasn’t boring.


She also decided she only liked certain things dependent on what age she was. For example, she didn’t like ham sandwiches when she was 3 but liked them now because she’s 4. She isn’t too sure if she’ll still like them when she’s 5.

Her refusal to try things has really begun to grate on me. Granted there are foods that you don’t want to try based on the way they look, or that you think it’s inappropriate to eat them, but it’s not like I try to get her to eat brain or anything like that. (I think the most pointless thing I’ve eaten is chicken feet. I was essentially just munching on metatarsals, or that’s what it felt like. I can take or leave eating feet.)

I try to get her to help with tea if it is a meal that won’t involve her burning herself or chopping fingers off, in the hope that if she helps prepare it then she’ll be more open to trying it. Nope, doesn’t work. She loves helping make it, but then hands it to you to eat.


The last two evenings though we have had a major break through. We explained that as she is getting older and we have a new baby on the way who will want to be like his big sister, then she needs to try new foods because that way the baby will copy her and try new foods when he can eat. A bit like emotional blackmail, but it worked so I don’t care. She had spinach & ricotta pasta yesterday with some chilli olive oil dressing on (that she made). Then tonight she had lamb samosas, tomato bhajis (we told her it was carrot though), chicken satays and olives. And, shockingly, she discovered she liked them – not the olives though.


I was very proud of her. She then informed me that it was important to try new food – like I’d not mentioned it to her before.

Hopefully this will continue (not the patronising me part). Fingers crossed.



36 thoughts on “Little Miss Food Avoider

  1. I’m glad your little one is gradually trying new things. My 11 year old is,and always has been to be fair a nightmare when it comes to food. At the moment she’s going through a no meat stage,and surviving from what I can see on super noodles ,cheesy beans and jackets potatoes. I keep warning her she will end up with scurvy and rickets but she’s having non of it! She will eat fruit and veg but she’s very awkward. My youngest will always try something,even if she doesn’t like it. #PoCoLo

    • Ha ha, I had a no meat phase. Didn’t last long. Greek food is too tempting, and too full of meat. That’s good that your youngest is willing to try things. I’d rather mine tried foods and then didn’t eat them again, rather than just not try them at all xx

  2. Its a hard time when they go like that. Cameron is exactly the same. Wont eat anything that ‘looks funny’ We have found just popping it in his mouth when he is distracted by the TV works wonders sometimes 😀


    • Sounds like it must happen to most children. I’ve got a couple of friends whose 5 year old kids take stuff like olives and houmous in their lunch box to school. If I gave my daughter that, she’d throw it at me when she got home. Well, maybe not the houmous. Think she’s slowly inheriting my addiction for that xx

  3. Its so hard getting any child to try any new foods but I love the way you’ve done it by giving her responsibility as a big sister. Makes her feel important at the same time. Thank you so much for linking up to PoCoLo – its good to have your support 🙂 xx

  4. Brilliant! Good to hear that there are methods that work… The thing with her discovering the phrase ‘I don’t like it’ and wanting to use it all the time sounds very familiar – I date my son’s picky eating from his discovery that he had a will and could assert it through use of the word ‘no’. It also didn’t help that he heard me tell everyone as a funny story that he rejected stewed pears with a “Yuck. Dese not pears.” From then on, he did that to all sorts of things. (Noodles: “Yuck. Dese not ‘ghetti.”) But maybe I should play the ‘you can be a good example to your sister’ card.

  5. Great plan with the emotional blackmail, seems to have worked a treat. Funny how theydecide what they do and don’t want to eat and when. Great post, the bit about her age made me chuckle 😉

  6. My daughter (4) is just the same! Says she will like things ‘next week’ or ‘tomorrow’ or ‘when I’m 11’. It is so funny and cute…and frustrating. She is very fussy, but being the youngest I cannot use the whole baby sister/brother thing 😦

    Your daughter has done brilliantly to try all those things, and I do so hope it lasts. xx

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