Tea for two (or 4 in this case)

Inspired by ‘The Mummy Diary’ and her blog post about her vintage charity shop finds, I decided to do a little shopping myself.

I don’t like my house being full of just mass produced furniture/items. I like to have some different things and little nick nacks dotted about the place, it makes the house more interesting to look at and more homely I think. I have a few odd bits that I got from my grandma’s house, but I don’t feel like I have enough “bits” in my life.

Yesterday I found this amazing hand painted Japanese tea set. I love it so much. It is white with silver artwork. The cups are the thinnest, most delicate cups ever. It has now taken pride of place in my living room. It was worth going through the terribly painful experience of having “Mrs Overall” serving me in the shop. I’ve never been so nervous about someone handling breakables. I think if she’d dropped it I would have cried right there on the spot.

I didn’t have time to visit any other places, but I think when I have some time to myself next weekend I may have to participate in a bit more charity shopping.

It’s for the good of the house don’t you know?! And the money is going to worthwhile causes – always a bonus đŸ™‚

There should be a charity shop finds linky.





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