Magic Moments

Some of you may have seen my previous post “Why I Blog” in which I said about us having difficulties with our unborn baby.

On Thursday we went for a scan at the Fetal Medicine Unit to check how things were progressing. We were having just a normal ultrasound scan (well as normal as it can be), doing all the measurements etc, then the consultant flicked it into 4-D and our little baby’s face appeared on the screen. He then said “let’s get you some nice pictures” and printed off two pictures for us. Small gestures like that touch me more than big, grand gestures of kindness. They seem more genuine and sincere. I got a bit emotional about it.

Considering about 8 weeks ago we didn’t actually know if our baby was going to make it through pregnancy, seeing his little face on screen has made it an extra special magic moment.

His face looks a little squashed, not sure if he is pressed up on my tummy. I don’t really care though. He is going to make it here, that is the main thing. Anything that happens after that we will deal with and we’re prepared for that.



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