Gracie goes to the library (plus her mum’s book weirdness)

The library here recently reopened with a MUCH better children’s section.


As my daughter is a bookworm, my sister and I took her along to join up and get some books out.


Grace really enjoyed it. There was a boat she could sit in to read, comfy chairs, computers and, of course, lots of books.


She would have probably stayed there all day if we’d let her. She chose six books (all of which have been read now) and got to scan them all herself at the self serve computer – she likes doing things like that. So I envisage another trip to the library next week to get some more.


I can’t read library books. I have book weirdness. I get laughed at for it. I can’t read a copy of a book someone else has already read. I have to buy my own copy and be the first person to read it. So I can’t ever borrow a book or get a second hand one. I have to have an unbent spine and no damage to the pages. I know, it’s odd.




Tuesday Tots


8 thoughts on “Gracie goes to the library (plus her mum’s book weirdness)

  1. It’s great to be a bookworm but you know I quite like a second hand book (cheap) or one from a library – especially when that makes them free 🙂 I do know what you mean, though, there is something special about a new virgin book…

  2. I totally get your book weirdness. I used to be like that – I have got better and can use the library now but still struggle with second hand books as if there is some huge distinction. For me, it’s about someone breathing on the page then turning it and sort of sealing the breathe in until I come to read it – I know madness!!
    You are not alone.

  3. I remember my aunt mentioning all my broken spines! I like a book to look well read, so hate it more if I borrow one that is perfect still! Think there’s lots of book weirdness out there – wonder if people will get Kindle weirdness in the future?!

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