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Little Miss Food Avoider

My daughter has a funny attitude when it comes to food. She used to try things, but then discovered the words “I don’t like it” and decided she didn’t like anything that basically wasn’t boring.


She also decided she only liked certain things dependent on what age she was. For example, she didn’t like ham sandwiches when she was 3 but liked them now because she’s 4. She isn’t too sure if she’ll still like them when she’s 5.

Her refusal to try things has really begun to grate on me. Granted there are foods that you don’t want to try based on the way they look, or that you think it’s inappropriate to eat them, but it’s not like I try to get her to eat brain or anything like that. (I think the most pointless thing I’ve eaten is chicken feet. I was essentially just munching on metatarsals, or that’s what it felt like. I can take or leave eating feet.)

I try to get her to help with tea if it is a meal that won’t involve her burning herself or chopping fingers off, in the hope that if she helps prepare it then she’ll be more open to trying it. Nope, doesn’t work. She loves helping make it, but then hands it to you to eat.


The last two evenings though we have had a major break through. We explained that as she is getting older and we have a new baby on the way who will want to be like his big sister, then she needs to try new foods because that way the baby will copy her and try new foods when he can eat. A bit like emotional blackmail, but it worked so I don’t care. She had spinach & ricotta pasta yesterday with some chilli olive oil dressing on (that she made). Then tonight she had lamb samosas, tomato bhajis (we told her it was carrot though), chicken satays and olives. And, shockingly, she discovered she liked them – not the olives though.


I was very proud of her. She then informed me that it was important to try new food – like I’d not mentioned it to her before.

Hopefully this will continue (not the patronising me part). Fingers crossed.


Why I blog

I started blogging anonymously in February (friends & family knew it was me) when we found out our baby bump wasn’t well (I won’t go into detail). Lots of people were asking questions and I couldn’t talk about it without getting really upset. That, combined with the fact that there’s hardly any info on what he’s got, made me decide to blog. It was to give information to people who cared and to try and find someone going through the same. I got quite addicted to writing it as it is, like many people say, free therapy and helps me deal with the situation. Only problem is that it’s not a very happy subject and I was becoming increasingly paranoid that it was just the ramblings of someone moaning. I don’t want people thinking “FFS I just wish you’d shut up now” and I also don’t want people thinking they have to feel sorry for me.

So I decided to start a happier blog (this one) were I didn’t have to be anonymous and I could write about nice things and places. It has also taken some of my focus off the sad blog. I didn’t expect though to speak to so many nice people via Twitter that I felt I could just chat with. I know it’s not the same as talking to someone face to face but it kind of really is like a big support network for mums (and dads). People are kind and say nice things to each other, which sometimes, I think, in every day life at work or out and about etc some people can forget to be like that.

My sister is one of the kindest, nicest people I know and doing the job she does (or did, her baby is due in 4 weeks) she has encountered so many people who are just rude for no other reason other than for the sake of being rude. It makes me so mad some of the stories she’s told me. I get annoyed on her behalf when people are mean, she’s too laid back and kind. I go more for the angry, cynical and shouty approach 🙂 (I’m trying to learn not to though).

So I just wanted to say thank you for following me/reading my posts, and apologies if I bore you. I know I’m new to this so don’t feel it’s right to push my blog too much as there’s people been doing it far longer and people who put far more effort into it than I do. But I enjoy doing it and it helps take my mind off things so that’s good enough for me.

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A bit of film love

ImageI saw a picture on my “blogs I follow” feed yesterday and the boys on it reminded me of the main character in one of my favourite films.

I have two all-time favourite films – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (a bit cliché I know) and, the film that I’m talking about above, Cinema Paradiso.

Whenever I mention this film to anyone, more often than not they’ve never heard of it. My dad made me watch it when I was about 14 I think. I was at home with him and I was moaning that I was “bored” – as you do when you’re a teen. He told me to watch this film and I complained that I didn’t want to because it was subtitled. He told me to give it a chance so I did. He put it on and then left me to watch it. When he returned over an hour later I was sat on the couch bawling my eyes out. Before you start thinking “why would I want to watch that?” – it’s not a depressing, miserable film; if it was, I wouldn’t have watched it about another 100 times since. It is a lovely story based in Sicily, about a friendship between a young boy and a local cinema projectionist. It tells the story of their love of films and of Toto (the young boy) growing up and falling in love.

It is a beautiful, moving story. No fancy special effects, ridiculous plotline or bad acting – just a proper “no frills” film.

I love old films (though for me this film is positively new, 1988 I think it was made). I love the glamour, romance and presence of the old screen actors and actresses – Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart etc.

Films like The Philadelphia Story, Donovan’s Reef, Casablanca, Sabrina are all classics in my opinion.

People get excited about things like the new James Bond movie coming out or the newest 3-D movie to be shown. Me, I’d get excited if someone said to me “there’s a drive up movie being shown in the local park and it’s To Have and Have Not.”

I’m all for technology and special effects, but sometimes I just want the basics. I want to watch a film where you can concentrate on the story and not the fact that an alien is flying at your face.

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New website idea

So I’m thinking of starting a “things to do/go where I live” website.

I started blogging anonymously a couple of months ago about my pregnancy and the issues we’ve been facing. I have now started designing a website for this because the specific problems our baby has are quite rare and we’ve found it difficult to find others going through the same, hence why I decided to set up a website. It is still in the early stages of design, but hopefully it will help somebody one day as it will have a forum, links to reading material, online chat etc.

Anyway, I digress. Since starting my first blog I discovered I actually enjoy doing the writing and find it quite therapeutic. Only trouble is, it’s not the happiest subject in the world and I feel like when I  write something about it every day I am being really depressing. So I started this blog. This blog is an attempt to try and separate the good stuff from the difficult stuff, give me something a bit happier to focus on and it’s also because I do genuinely go to places and see things I want to share with others.

My new website would be an extension of this. It would have recommendations for places to go, see, eat and do with kids in the area. A reference point for parents. I know there are a lot of websites out there that do the same sort of thing, so I need to do something to make mine stand out. I would also like to somehow link part of it with my other website eventually – recommendations of places to go, where the money you spend is going towards a good cause. For example, there is a café where I live called “A Great Little Place” – the food is delicious, they display art which you can buy, they have pieces of handmade jewellery for sale, second hand books for sale but, best of all, it is run by Autism Initiatives and eating at the café means your money is making a difference.

I’m excited about researching and starting up my new little venture. Hopefully it will take off and get some interest. If not, I will have had fun trying.